Photography in Goldfield, Nevada

Goldfield is a tiny town in the middle of the state of Nevada. Also known as a ‘ghost town’, it more so resonates with an old-fashioned town with a country vibe of the old Wild West movies. According to the Goldfield Chamber of Commerce, you can find “Goldfield, located in Esmeralda County is 26 miles south of Tonopah and 180 miles north of Las Vegas on US Highway 95”. Easy, right? Well, it is a long drive out, but well worth the trip! Plus I firmly believe all Nevadans should get to know all of their state! This town is a hidden treasure from the Gold Rush days that is just too unique not to recommend! 🙂

The dirt roads, aging homes, nostalgic cars strategically placed everywhere, and many of the well-kept vintage homes, all make for an eclectic and inspiring scene. As I walked around with my Canon camera, I had such an adventure snapping off photos at each Historical Point, easily found by looking at the walking tour guide booklet from the Goldfield Historical Society.

I definitely plan to check out more of their annual events and understand more of the town’s culture, including the upcoming Gold Field Days event in August. But being more on the tourist side, I feel inclined to share that the town’s restaurants tend to close a bit early. For example, the Dinky Diner closes at 7pm, Sundays at 2pm, which is perhaps a bit early for most out-of-towners! Most of my commutes through Goldfield are usually early morning, after staying the night in the other interesting but larger nearby town of Tonopah. I will write a post about Tonopah soon, definitely a fun place to visit, and the locals are great!

While I have never stayed the night in Goldfield, I would like to cross out lodging at the Santa Fe Saloon off my bucket list! It is said to be Home of Nevada’s Meanest Bartender as well as Nevada’s 2nd Oldest Bar still in business. Now, in case you are wondering to who the title of the Oldest Bar in Nevada goes, it surely goes to Northern Nevada’s very own Genoa Bar, Nevada’s Oldest Thirst Parlour since 1853.

I hope this post gave you some fun information about Nevada’s Best Places to visit and to try the Road Less Traveled! More photos are available on 🙂



New Etsy Shop: Stained Glass Window Panels, Suncatchers, Fused Glass Necklaces, and Photo Art Prints

Please visit my new Etsy Shop: JessicaBalesStudio

You can purchase stained glass suncatchers, stained glass art, Stained Glass Window Panels, Fused Glass Necklaces, Fusion art, Photography gifts, Photography art prints, and other handmade gifts coming soon. Glass art is my newest passion and hobby so bear with me as I post a bit about my newest craft obsession.



Last Day of being 26!

Big 2-7. YIKES. Does that sound old or what? That means I’m reaching the end of my 20’s,….and that’s basically a hair shy of my preferred age, 23, A Very grand year I might add.  But getting old has it’s very own perks so far.  Respect, stability, education, and most of all, living more freely with a more down to earth sense of being.

To recap on what I have learned and/or accomplished this 26th year of life is a lot but try I must, try I will.

  • Healed from a pretty gnarly (but oh so fascinating!) Periacetabular osteotomy (PAO)  where I learned how to be the most patient person on this earth with the gift of being in a wheelchair for 6 weeks while the bone regrew. No, this isn’t a Halloween funny. Ha-Ha. -.-
  • Finished my education for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Married my other half who also happens to be the most interesting weirdo, war vet, and responsible man I know.  August 2nd, in Reno Nevada. This is a special place that many Californian’s take for granted. The obvious lure of such a place is Lake Tahoe, but if you spend some time in the town and trying some coffee shops it’s sure to steal your heart inevitably, and quickly.
  • Left my internship-adopted new job and moved to Las Vegas to follow my husband’s military career. Supply Chain intern to Microsoft Online Inc (Advertising Operations) Analyst to…gaming industry Sales Account Manager for a kitchsy tech firm based out of San Diego called Impact Display Solutions. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do something different or won’t get a job in a new city.. You will often surprise yourself! It is here I am learning new things everyday, and have grown a more refined respect for Sales, Gaming, Distributors, and the end customer.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Cheesy I know, but this really does come into play more and more each year. Always be grateful for those moments of realization where you know you need to re-tune your attitude and keep walking on. This year I found myself in moments where I finetuned quite often and found that it yielded better results for me, my natural reactions, being conscious of your words, and more. 🙂
  • Found a new but old passion in photography. Everyone knows I love, no, adore photos! But I have always been the model, never the photographer. This year I decided to get more time understanding the anatomy, terminology, and settings on my DSLR. Needless to say, I am still on my photography spellbound journey of learning to ‘speak photographer’ and understand these gosh darn settings more! IT’S Not Easy!! But I find it’s an ongoing project where I am learning so much more each time I pick up the camera and spend a few hours with it. My Website is in the works slowly but surely while I am scheduling model shoots!! It’s very exciting!
  • Discovered how much I love long long long (healthy) hair. Silly one but this still counts!
  • I have developed a sushi addiction. But it’s not serious. 😉
  • My love for cats keeps growing. I love my two furballs of love to absolute pieces.
  • I love my gramparents more than ever. Strange huh! You move away from home and then This happens! I also miss the Sheebah and Butternut pug and Azuzu more than ever.

Well, that’s my list! I am getting old. What more is there to say without repeating it over in a new way? 🙂

27, Let’s Do This!!


Business Reflections of Childhood Aspirations

 Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.
John Ed Pearce

Like most children I always wanted to grow up, become a business professional of some successful sort (other times, a police officer giving tickets to drivers like a mad woman), and drive my shiny new sports car to a large home filled with cats. But I was always changing my prospective careers in mind, having a difficult time deciding my strengths. It is much more easy to identify weaknesses rather than pinpointing one’s mediums and strengths. Perhaps some children knew what they wanted, like my best friend Lindsay, who excelled fully in becoming a chemical engineer for a major company by 23 years old.  Although two years younger than myself, she has been my best friend since kindergarten, my ultimate role model, and also a very treasured mentor for my moments of self-doubt. More often than not, a best friend (or several if you’re lucky) can help you soul-search and give you the support you need, and well, a much-needed critique. Whatever the case, it’s those dreams that inspire and help children think of their possible future expeditions. 


I have found that as a high energy child who tromped all over my grandparent’s property in Santa Cruz Mountains, CA, I was a creative soul with a love for the outdoor type of adventures. I used a rake to make trails in the forest, make moss/stick houses for my Barbie’s at tops of streams, and utilized a rusted wagon like a three wheeler to ride down the slopes of the orchards (Madame Alexander dolls in tow). I learned that having undirected, unsupervised creativity is key to a free mind. After hearing Edward O. Wilson speak on NPR Radio, I fell in love with his perspective that individuals should not separate the sciences and mathematics from pursuing literature, but that they should pursue both and excel at whatever career choice they choose. I loved this quote:

“The ideal scientist thinks like a poet and only later works like a bookkeeper. Keep in mind that innovators in both literature and science are basically dreamers and storytellers. In the early stages of the creation of both literature and science, everything in the mind is a story.”

Edward O. Wilson is the Professor and Curator of Entomology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. I plan on reading his novel, “The Young Scientist” very soon and will write a blog post on it as well.


The life lesson I have learned from my own childhood experience and through observations of children is that they are like little scientists with extreme will power. Let them roam and take credit for their own healthy decisions.~

What childhood memories still influence your life? Have you thought about your childhood self in comparison to who you are today?

Intern, Network, Inspire, Learn.

The best advice I heard in 2013 was from a BizTalk Blender at the University of Nevada, Reno.  Alice Heiman LLC, a sales expert and professional networking genius, told us management majors this: to take advantage of being an undergraduate, take that one-time-in-your-life ticket to seize opportunities, get mentored by local professionals and their experiences in various industries, pursue that internship and seize all the knowledge we can from our professors. Above all else, she said to network. Always. Network. You never know whom you may run into and how they can help you (and how you might be able to help him or her).  We were put in groups with seasoned industry professionals in the area, ranging from human resources generalists to engineers, and spoke about tactics to use on LinkedIn, internship questions of importance, and broadcasting a positive and professional image.

The one detail that caught my attention….Internship. I knew I wanted one and I knew how to get one thanks to my long list of management courses, but had never applied for one, until now. The beauty of internships is that you learn life skills in all areas, including communication, software/technology, corporate culture, and industry-specifics. But the most challenging part is just landing one, hopefully, the right one.

With so much technology out there, be sure to research possible industries you would like to work in. Below is a link for Intern Match, a new internship offer  machine! It goes through potential internship offers from major companies like Yahoo, Intuit, and Facbook to help you find the ‘right match’.


Here are my tips that helped me along the way to landing my internship:

Tip #1: Google Top 10 Companies to Work For (in your city or area)


Tip#2: Prepare a list of GREAT questions to ask the employer throughout the interview. Take charge! Try to interview them! This shows you are capable of leading discussions, ambitious, and well, an interesting phenomena of an individual.


Tip #3: Show your sense of ‘professional’ humour. Share stories that showcase your personality, values, childhood memories, and funny instances that help break the ice.


Tip#4: Listen to your ‘gut instinct’. Follow your passions. Try new things (even taking an internship with job duties involving CRM software you’ve never touched, trust me, you will learn it!)

Make the Most of your internship.
Make the Most of your internship.

Tip #5: Be prepared to partake with being able to ‘celebrate’ everything from large events to the small & silly, have fun at work, contribute to cubicle discussions, and best of all, absorb all that knowledge!


Seven Interviews Later…I got the job! Supply Chain Management Intern for Arvato Bertelsmann! 


My cubicle is much more decorated now (and equipped with a computer), but this is the original photo I snapped off with much enthusiasm on my first day.

Four months later, here I am. I am now ecstatic and so grateful to have pursued this opportunity (perhaps with a little bit too much ambition…). Nonetheless, I encourage women of all ages to take risks, learn from other women on the job, gain valuable insight, and most of all, be courageous. It is important for women to realize how extreme their value is in the workplace next to men, as we are equally powerful  creatures, and that should never be questioned. Finding work-life balance plus everything else is very challenging but is entirely possible! Men, you too need to pursue a work-life balance, but for now focus on finding on step one, an internship in your field.

As Sheryl Sandberg (author of Lean In) said,

“I wish I could just go tell all the young women I work with, all these fabulous women, ‘Believe in yourself and negotiate for yourself. Own your own success.’ I wish I could tell that to my daughter. But it’s not that simple.”

Do you plan on pursuing an internship? Do you already have one? What tips or advice would you offer to those thinking about finding one? Please leave any feedback below in a comment.

Happy Internship Searching~

Hiking Mount Rose

As John Muir once pointed out, “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity…”

Here I found myself agreeing more and more with him as I started my hike on the Mount Rose trail from the Summit trail head on Highway 431 (Mount Rose Highway). The trailhead is perched at the top of the Mount Rose Scenic Byway, with easy access for parking, large restrooms and maps available. At the beginning of the climb you have a stunning view of Lake Tahoe in all of her entirety, nestled among the mysterious and wild Sierra Nevada Mountains. Climbing the trail one will notice unique flora and fauna, volcanic rocks, mountain peaks, endless forests, and minimalist views of the highway snaking through to Lake Tahoe. The most shocking view was about 45 minutes in, when I noticed I could see John Ascuaga’s Nugget Hotel from the trail. Healthy-living always seems to hold moments of surprise when you least expect it.

Mount Rose is the second tallest peak in the Lake Tahoe Basin, with the trail head itself starting at roughly 8,900 feet. You add another estimate 2,000 feet if you hike all the way to the very top. Panting as I was and with a blister the beautiful shade of red on my left heel, I admit I did turn around halfway up the trail. But I am determined to finish this gorgeous trek, only next time with hiking socks to match my Scarpa trail-running shoes.  I anticipate it being more smooth of a journey now that I know what to expect halfway up the hill, and the snow just might be melted by then! In the meantime, reading Yelp reviews from other hikers of the Mount Rose Summit Trail can always be helpful.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Josh and me in Tahoe
Josh & Me
Tahoe from Mount Rose
A Winter View from Mount Rose


Reno’s Annual Hot August Nights

It is more than necessary to clarify that I am a new ‘local’ of the Biggest Little City of Reno, NV. But that doesn’t hold back anyone from falling in love with this desert treasure of a city and the landscape of variety leading all the way up Mount Rose Highway to the majestic waters of North Lake Tahoe. “The Biggest Little City in the World” holds many secrets much like any other city, but particularly for the soul-searcher, artist, culture-seeker, adventurist, and wine/brew enthusiast, and foodie.

One of my first experiences of August 2012 included taking a Harley ride with my fiancé to the shores of Incline Village, NV. After having lunch at T’s Rotisserie and a brew at the Village Pub, we cruised smooth all the way back to Reno in time for the annual kick-off event, Hot August Nights! But I can’t dismiss the change in temperature coming down the mountain, the difference between cold mountain air to warm desert air was exhilarating!

Hot August Nights started August 1st, 1986 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center to help fuel tourism. Owners of classic cars (and the live concert collaboration of Righteous Brothers, Wolfman Jack, and Jan & Dean) were in awe of the unexpected thousands of fans filling the streets. Today it is the largest annual event in Reno, creating a tradition that both brings over 800,000 visitors to the region as well as donating to the community charities. You can expect to see rock n’ roll tribute bands, classic cars rolling down the strip, muscle cars gleaming, auctions, and even an earlier pre-kick off Hot August Nights in South Lake Tahoe! Don’t forget to mark your calendar for this major event!

If you enjoyed learning about Hot August Nights, follow my blog and me at @jessicacbales to receive information on activities, photography, and special events in the Reno-Tahoe area.