About Me

Hello there! My name is Jessica Bales and I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California. I have only been in Reno, Nevada since last July, having transferred from San Francisco State University to study here at the University of Nevada, Reno. I did my transfer to be with my then-recently deployed Army fiancé. It’s a love story, I know. Now, I am currently in my fourth year courses pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Management. My graduation will be in June 2014.

It all started when I went a month-long trip to Europe to see my fiancé during his two week R&R from the Army deployment in Afghanistan.  It was March of 2012 and I have never been quite the same since this trip. I crave to see more world culture and to learn to be bilingual like they are in Europe, specifically in French and Spanish languages. I have Rosetta Stone levels 1-5 to achieve this goal in the near future. My time abroad was spread across London, England to taking the Chunnel down to Paris, then to the French Riviera town of Nice, France. A fast night train conveniently took us to Ventimiglia, Northern Italy to the great Milan, Italy, Florence (Firenze), Pisa, and ending our trip in Rome (Roma).   Everything was spectacular and felt so natural yet shocking to learn so much new cultural information!

In addition to capturing moments of the trip on film, I plan on visiting South Africa, Canada, and Singapore to broaden my travels. I have already been to Peru twice over my life to visit family and adore the dramatic differences of the Spanish language and Latin culture of South America. From the rickety rainforest trains of Cuzco in 2001 (before it was one of the Top 10 Wonders of the World) to the ocean cliffs of Mira Flores, near the capital of Lima, I adore Peru. The change of scenery is beautiful yet dangerous, the hospitality unimaginable, and the food delicious.

One of my most desired passions has been traveling but one even yet more important is aspiring to travel for business one day. I would like to go into marketing or into the hospitality and tourism management industry to achieve this reality.

Other than traveling and documenting the joys of each location, I enjoy reading ‘New York Times Best Seller’ novels, taking long hikes through the trails of Galena, going to the movie theater, trying new foods, attending live performances, swimming in Lake Tahoe (in the summertime of course), visiting family in the SF Bay Area and lounging with two cats on a Sunday afternoon.

Living in the desert of Nevada has taught me more with photography skills than I would ever have thought possible. When one looks deeper for the beauty of the abstract environment, the dimensions simply start to unfold and yield inevitable opportunity. Photography is art. By taking a camera and just walking through your own backyard you can document what life looks like around you. Documenting life is what takes one to that next level of thought processing. My blog will cover lessons learned my past local and international adventures, tips for traveling, reviews of great places to stay, and more valuable information. I will also focus on business etiquette, international business expectations, events to attend in different cities, cultural differences, and most importantly, documenting life.



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