Photography in Goldfield, Nevada

Goldfield is a tiny town in the middle of the state of Nevada. Also known as a ‘ghost town’, it more so resonates with an old-fashioned town with a country vibe of the old Wild West movies. According to the Goldfield Chamber of Commerce, you can find “Goldfield, located in Esmeralda County is 26 miles south of Tonopah and 180 miles north of Las Vegas on US Highway 95”. Easy, right? Well, it is a long drive out, but well worth the trip! Plus I firmly believe all Nevadans should get to know all of their state! This town is a hidden treasure from the Gold Rush days that is just too unique not to recommend! 🙂

The dirt roads, aging homes, nostalgic cars strategically placed everywhere, and many of the well-kept vintage homes, all make for an eclectic and inspiring scene. As I walked around with my Canon camera, I had such an adventure snapping off photos at each Historical Point, easily found by looking at the walking tour guide booklet from the Goldfield Historical Society.

I definitely plan to check out more of their annual events and understand more of the town’s culture, including the upcoming Gold Field Days event in August. But being more on the tourist side, I feel inclined to share that the town’s restaurants tend to close a bit early. For example, the Dinky Diner closes at 7pm, Sundays at 2pm, which is perhaps a bit early for most out-of-towners! Most of my commutes through Goldfield are usually early morning, after staying the night in the other interesting but larger nearby town of Tonopah. I will write a post about Tonopah soon, definitely a fun place to visit, and the locals are great!

While I have never stayed the night in Goldfield, I would like to cross out lodging at the Santa Fe Saloon off my bucket list! It is said to be Home of Nevada’s Meanest Bartender as well as Nevada’s 2nd Oldest Bar still in business. Now, in case you are wondering to who the title of the Oldest Bar in Nevada goes, it surely goes to Northern Nevada’s very own Genoa Bar, Nevada’s Oldest Thirst Parlour since 1853.

I hope this post gave you some fun information about Nevada’s Best Places to visit and to try the Road Less Traveled! More photos are available on 🙂



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