Last Day of being 26!

Big 2-7. YIKES. Does that sound old or what? That means I’m reaching the end of my 20’s,….and that’s basically a hair shy of my preferred age, 23, A Very grand year I might add.  But getting old has it’s very own perks so far.  Respect, stability, education, and most of all, living more freely with a more down to earth sense of being.

To recap on what I have learned and/or accomplished this 26th year of life is a lot but try I must, try I will.

  • Healed from a pretty gnarly (but oh so fascinating!) Periacetabular osteotomy (PAO)  where I learned how to be the most patient person on this earth with the gift of being in a wheelchair for 6 weeks while the bone regrew. No, this isn’t a Halloween funny. Ha-Ha. -.-
  • Finished my education for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Married my other half who also happens to be the most interesting weirdo, war vet, and responsible man I know.  August 2nd, in Reno Nevada. This is a special place that many Californian’s take for granted. The obvious lure of such a place is Lake Tahoe, but if you spend some time in the town and trying some coffee shops it’s sure to steal your heart inevitably, and quickly.
  • Left my internship-adopted new job and moved to Las Vegas to follow my husband’s military career. Supply Chain intern to Microsoft Online Inc (Advertising Operations) Analyst to…gaming industry Sales Account Manager for a kitchsy tech firm based out of San Diego called Impact Display Solutions. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do something different or won’t get a job in a new city.. You will often surprise yourself! It is here I am learning new things everyday, and have grown a more refined respect for Sales, Gaming, Distributors, and the end customer.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Cheesy I know, but this really does come into play more and more each year. Always be grateful for those moments of realization where you know you need to re-tune your attitude and keep walking on. This year I found myself in moments where I finetuned quite often and found that it yielded better results for me, my natural reactions, being conscious of your words, and more. 🙂
  • Found a new but old passion in photography. Everyone knows I love, no, adore photos! But I have always been the model, never the photographer. This year I decided to get more time understanding the anatomy, terminology, and settings on my DSLR. Needless to say, I am still on my photography spellbound journey of learning to ‘speak photographer’ and understand these gosh darn settings more! IT’S Not Easy!! But I find it’s an ongoing project where I am learning so much more each time I pick up the camera and spend a few hours with it. My Website is in the works slowly but surely while I am scheduling model shoots!! It’s very exciting!
  • Discovered how much I love long long long (healthy) hair. Silly one but this still counts!
  • I have developed a sushi addiction. But it’s not serious. 😉
  • My love for cats keeps growing. I love my two furballs of love to absolute pieces.
  • I love my gramparents more than ever. Strange huh! You move away from home and then This happens! I also miss the Sheebah and Butternut pug and Azuzu more than ever.

Well, that’s my list! I am getting old. What more is there to say without repeating it over in a new way? 🙂

27, Let’s Do This!!


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