Update: Red, White, and Tahoe Blue

Arriving at Incline Beach for the Red, White, and Tahoe Blue event, I saw a scene unlike what I had originally expected. Bikini girls everywhere, families’ barbequing, live concert jamming, volleyball games, and sunbathers everywhere. I was not sure why this was a surprise, as I should have known the scenery would’ve resembled Summertime in its finest. Hula bars, hot dogs, and coolers full of beers everywhere, the beach was a hot spot for fun! However, I had not premeditated this scene and had brought only the clothes I had on…so I opted to watch the fireworks from the rocks near Hidden Beach. From here, one can have a professional photographer snapshot view and enjoy full size fireworks without the noise levels completely piercing the ears too much. Fireworks that came in all sorts of shapes: peace signs, hearts, smiley faces, and more. It was definitely a sight to see and remember.


A photo I snapped off from the rocks of Hidden Beach at night.

Next year though, oh, next year will most definitely have a surprise. The event can expect a fully aware and ready Jess, ready with full on tan, bikini, beach chair, sunscreen and a full cooler of chilled beverages. This was my first Red, White, and Tahoe Blue as a new Reno local!

Any other tips you have for next year’s Red, White, and Tahoe Blue event? What is the best time to arrive? Please leave comments below.


A photo of Hidden Beach during the day.


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