Country Fun at the Reno Rodeo

Since 1919, the hot and dusty Reno Rodeo has become more than a small hometown event, but rather a massive showdown where over 140,000 tourists come from states all around. Taking place at the RenoSparks Livestock Events Center, it prides itself as being known as the “Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West”, allotting 10 days to conduct dynamic country fun activities, including the parade through the arches of downtown Reno! By country activities, I mean mutton bustin’, bull riding, bucking bronco’s, wild women barrel racing, clowns distracting raged bulls, and the Dodge Ram ladies sitting on the bed of the truck while it’s doing a lap. Held as a non-profit event by the Reno Rodeo, and is the third largest PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) event, as it brings roughly $42 million in commerce to local businesses and makes donations to community needs, such as local charities and literacy programs.

Sipping on my Mike’s Hard Lemonade from the top grandstands of column O, I was enjoying watching the mutton bustin’   the most. This is an adorable show when eight small boy and girls around the ages of 5-7 years old (no more than 65lbs total) hang on tight to the sheep’s wool as the sheep bust out of the gate. Each time a child falls, cowgirls and other vintage dressed women rush to help up and congratulate the fallen child on their hard work! The child who hangs on the longest is pronounced the winner and receives an announcement of recognition.

If you enjoy wearing a cowboy hat, going on the Ferris wheel, eating cat-on-a-stick (teriyaki chicken) having a cold drink, listening to country music, and watching cowboys get flung off raging bulls…then I highly recommend you schedule a visit to the annual Reno Rodeo! Be sure to keep your eye out for Trevor Brazile, Cowboy and Wrangler, with 16 world-championships and nine titles to his name! Don’t worry, they will announce him before his set!

Have you been to the “Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West”? Please leave a comment below about your experience.

Mutton Bustin'
Mutton Bustin’
Josh and me at the Reno Rodeo
Reno Rodeo arena
Reno Rodeo Arena



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